Have you ever tried looking for writing contests online? If you have not, try it once – you will come across so many sites. These sites will list number of contests out of which only a very few of them will be good ones. We can end up wasting time in accessing websites like these and that is what was happening to me initially until I found this source.

I like writing and I want my work to get some decent publicity. As I am without any prior writing experience or background or even any one to guide me, I had a tough time to learn things. One of the things that I learnt in this process is taking part in the writing contests is one of the fastest ways to learn and to improve writing skills. Once I learnt this, I started looking for the best websites for writing contests. I spent a lot of time trying to identify different writing contests because I had to visit numerous websites. I accidentally bumped on to this website which came as a great treat for me.

This website lists all the top writing contests online. This means, I do not have to do that homework any longer because it is done already here only all the good contests are featured here. If I were to screen these contests myself, I would rather be spending so many hours and weeks before I found the best contests. Now I can access the best 2018 writing contests anytime I like just because of this single website. I can just straight away enroll for these contests without any problem. Previously, I used to go by trial and error approach. You would not believe how much time I had wasted in this process.

This is a free resource. I do not have to pay any money to use this resource. A very valuable platform for every aspiring writer. I find so many contests which I don’t think I would have found if it were not to be for this website. I am happy to take part in these free writing contests. Above all this website lists contests with impressive cash prizes. Every week new contests are added and the website is kept up to date with the latest listings. I am able to participate even in the latest contests as soon as they are launched. This is advantageous because I find these contests well in advance and as a result I get a lot of time for the writing process.

I find this website to be a very safe platform too as it does not ask me any personal information. The email or phone number is no shared in this website. So I don’t even have to worry about spam mails or calls. I love this resource as it helps me find wide range of contests. The contests are updated on regular basis and all the outdated links are removed. Highly recommended contests listing website.

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