With innumerable number of restaurants opening up in many regions of New Delhi, the competition in the line of restaurant business has been gradually increasing. It takes more than just a good ambience and tasty food to stand out amongst the crowd and get recognized. With the help of innovative ideas and creative decor, most of the restaurants are now opening up and imitating a particular fantasy theme. The restaurants are undergoing such rapid transformations and incorporating such vibrant themes that the crowd is going literally gaga over them.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants of New Delhi that have a unique theme:

  1. Walk in the Woods– One of the most uniquely themed restaurant is the Walk in the Woods Noida. The entire restaurant revolves around the theme of a forest and you will actually feel like you are walking amidst a jungle. The restaurant houses that facade with large trees that have artificial animals snooping like the snake, elephant, bear and wild cat. The entire dining area is constructed in a cavernous manner and the entire area has statues that will remind you of ancient temples of our country. From the childhood character of Mowgli to vegetation hanging loose at various spots of the restaurants, this place will give you a truly thrilling experience. What makes the experience even more fun is the occasional roaring of animals along with the chirping of birds. In addition to all of these wild life attractions, the restaurant also has a fish tank with several kinds of fishes. The food as well as the drinks served here are of great quality as well as taste.
  2. California Boulevard- The entire concept of the California Boulevard restaurant revolves around Hollywood. Just like the entry of any celebrity, you too will walk in the restaurant on a red carpet. All the walls of the restaurant are adorned with the pictures of the popular actors from the Hollywood and this will be give you the feel of dining with the stars from Hollywood. Another major attraction of this place is the red-coloured Harley Davidson that is mounted on the wall. The restaurant also has a screen that continuously displays snippets of trivia about your favourite actors. This will certainly keep you glued on to the screen, while the delicious food from the international menu gets presented before you.
  3. Lord of the Drinks– Do you wish to travel back in time and enjoy the serenity of that era? If yes, then you must try the Lord of the Drinks cafe and dining. Even the entry to the cafe is through a staircase that is lit quite dimly and passes through a dungeon. A major part of the restaurant has a wooden interior that compliments the sofas that are plush brown in colour. And yes because of its name, it has a scrumptious bar with tasty food as well as wide plethora of drinking options.
  4. Tabula Beach– If we ask you which is the ultimate destination for holiday, we are sure most of you would have listed Goa on top because of its sultry and beautiful beaches and the ambiance that surrounds it. Keeping this concept in mind, the Tabula Beach restaurant has been created that aims to provide its customers the serene ambience similar to that of a beach. The decor has been kept very simple and it serves one of the best cocktails. It also has a dance area that will really make you forget that you are in Delhi and teleport you to the party vibes in Goa.
  5. Junkyard Cafe– Just as the name of the restaurant, this unique cafe and dining place has its entire decor filled with junk. The barrels, logs of wood, tyres and other such junk give the entire place an upscale look. All the food items presented here are very delectable.


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